Experience Fast Web, Free from Ads,
and Mass Surveillance

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icBlock Ads and Trackers

Blocks all intrusive ads. Binge watch YouTube for hours without interruptions.

Watch your favorite movies and programs without fear of being tracked.

icBrowse Faster

3-7 times faster than traditional web browsing with its hyper-speed browsing.

Lightning-fast page loading. No more lagging, only faster browsing.

icSave Money

Save money by preventing unnecessary data charges used by intrusive ads.

Eliminates needless data charges incurred by unwelcome ads.

icProtect your Privacy

Anonymous browsing prevents censorship that treats users like criminals.

Secures and protects the users' data and privacy, guaranteeing that it will not be shared with third-parties.

Partnering with

dAppstore is a decentralized application store for De-Fi, NFTs, and blockchain games.

Through a close partnership with dAppstore, Osiris Browser supports, with its technology, in co-building an optimized dApp marketplace and a user-focused ecosystem. Experience various blockchain apps easily and safely.

icAbout Us

Decenternet is a tech pioneer that utilizes blockchain technology to bring about decentralized, net-neutral internet digital platforms.

The company delivers world-class digital products that are aimed to improve the quality of life for all people connected, building a world where Net Neutrality, Data Privacy and True Internet Freedom is an absolute reality for one and all. For more information on Decenternet, please visit https://decenternet.com.